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We combine industry-leading strategies and seamless technology integration to solve business challenges, enabling organizations to better navigate constant change.

business consulting
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Business Process Improvement

Today’s business environment is rapidly evolving. Your business processes and supporting technologies are essential to your organization’s ability to adapt and compete in the marketplace.

Syrock helps businesses rethink complex business processes by identifying challenges and targeting improvement efforts with clear, obtainable strategies that unlock business value. Our experienced consultants work as an extension of your team. We bring a personalized approach, and innovative best practices to deliver the right solution tailored to your organizational obstacles and business goals. Our practical perspective helps align strategy, leadership, and culture, to set the stage for growth and transformation.

Business Process Analysis & Strategy

  • Consult with management to define organization’s goals
  • Identify deficiencies and inefficiencies related to the business goals
  • Define key data elements needed to find opportunities and create a strategy
  • Prioritize the processes to be automated, upgraded or optimized
  • Provide written recommendations and a roadmap for process improvement

Software Requirements Analysis

  • Identify key business processes and current technologies that must be tied together
  • Evaluate existing software(s) functionality and interoperability
  • Document manual processes including data stored in spreadsheets
  • Build a requirements matrix for software evaluation to be agreed upon by stakeholders
  • Analyze potential software vendors and recommend vendor solutions
  • Provide upfront and monthly software costs and estimated implementation costs
  • Provide written recommendations and a roadmap for process improvement

Software Selection Implementation

  • Vendor contract evaluation and recommendations
  • Formalize management alignment and buy-in on the selection and implementation strategy
  • Develop and provide appropriate communication plan for the software implementation
  • Formalize systems integration plan
  • Implement Project Management best practices
Project Delivery Services

Project Management

Companies often lack the expertise and resources to manage and execute strategic initiatives and leading-edge technology projects. Whether you have a short-term need or a more extensive project, Syrock project professionals have the skill set for a smooth project delivery.

We offer a range of services, from managing costs to overseeing vendor agreements. Professional project management provides a clear understanding of your resources, ensures prioritization of work, improves cost control, encourages team collaboration, minimizes risk, and enhances reporting — all while improving business efficiency and effectiveness.

Project Management Services

  • Conduct a stakeholder and information analysis
  • Promotes a collaborative environment
  • Project planning and resource allocation
  • Develop schedules and coordinate activities
  • Budget and control costs
  • Analyze and manage risk
  • Monitor and report progress and milestones
  • Keep vendors and staff on-task
  • Solves problems and motivates team
  • Meet quality requirements
  • Managing documentation and facilitate knowledge transfer

Methodologies & Frameworks

  • Agile
  • Waterfall
  • Scrum
  • Kanban

Tools Utilized

  • MS Project and Project Server
  • Azure Dev Ops
  • Planner and Excel for smaller projects

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business consulting

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