A framework for full funnel operations across the customer lifecycle.

You’ve invested a lot and time and effort into building a great lead generation process.
Don’t lose those leads to the rift that exists between
marketing early-stage leads and sales-ready opportunities.

Many businesses are experiencing a common problem. Lead generation efforts producing at better than expected levels; but this is not being reflected in the rate of conversion to revenue. The most likely cause is that business processes are not configured to keep up with the way technology has changed the way prospects and customers interact with your business.

What creates the gap in the marketing and sales funnel? A prospect fills out a contact form or downloads an e-book and then their contact information is moved into the sales process, even if they are not ready to buy. This one-step process does not address all stages of the buyer’s journey. It also does not set the stage for marketing and sales to work together to assist the prospect in the conversion process.

The creation of an effective sales development program with solid lead-nurturing campaigns in place fills the void and places marketing and sales in complete alignment.

If your organization is only allowing marketing and sales to have customer interaction at designated and distinct stages of the customer lifecycle, it’s time for change. Measuring sales and marketing team performance through metrics alone, like MQL-to-SQL conversion rates, can make your customers feel that they are being handed off from one department to the next. Treating each department as a stand-alone entity can lead to redundancy and encourages a disconnect between strategy and results.

Syrock can help you connect marketing and sales across the full customer lifecycle, breaking down internal silos to accelerate your revenue engine through alignment.

Revenue + Operations
RevOps Solutions + Tactics from Syrock

To help keep that RevOps engine revving we also offer a full complement of sales and marketing strategies and solutions.

  • Ensure the marketing and sales funnel clearly delineates sole and shared responsibilities for marketing and sales
  • Implement a service level agreement (SLA) that defines what each team commits to accomplishing in order to support each other in reaching the shared revenue goals
  • Set up closed-loop reporting, completing the feedback loop between marketing and sales
  • Create and share marketing and sales dashboards that provide frequent, public and transparent reports and updates so that both teams can rely on data
  • Set up channels and structure to maintain and encourage open communications on a regular basis
  • Define the correct mix of sales roles comprised of outside sales, customer retention, inside sales, sales support and lead generation
  • Assess and create compensation packages to attract and retain top talent
  • Ensure sales incentives are realistic and create revenue/margin goals for each sales role
  • Create revenue and margin goals for each role
  • Develop processes and templates for proposal generation
  • Ensure the sales funnel reflects the steps in the sales process including defining, documenting and managing to sales pipeline stages based on objective and measurable evaluation criteria
  • Perform in-depth analysis of all current marketing efforts and associated collateral to ensure that they align with company objectives – formulate, present and implement strategies to optimize results and improve ROI
  • Evaluate campaign ROI measurements in marketing automation efforts
  • Logo design, corporate identity/branding, graphic design and creation of marketing collateral materials
  • Custom website/application design and development incorporating inbound marketing tactics and agile methodologies to promote engagement and increase lead generation, white-hat SEO techniques to further improve search engine ranking, fully responsive and user-friendly designs
  • Custom application development with proprietary back-end programming, on-site training and manual creation for end users and administrators
  • Perform SEO and Inbound Marketing analysis of all current initiatives and applications – develop and implement strategies for improvement, create road map for continual improvement and analysis
  • Create proprietary approaches to social media platforms, analyze all available metrics to determine positioning, reaction and engagement
  • SEO/SEM, social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing, lead generation, lead nurturing, customer engagement, community outreach, and thought leadership programs with associated campaign analysis, planning and development